Bicycle Fit

A Proper bike fit is for everyone. We believe in a fit first, buy second approach.

Too often we fix, make adjustments or flatly bear the bad news that the customer has purchased the wrong size bike, we don’t want that happening to you.

Our fitter has over 20 years experience racing, working with continental teams, clubs and the weekend warriors and knows exactly what it feels like to be on a bike to big, to small, hyperextended and riding click after click in pain.

We know that it doesn’t have to be that way and our fitters proven process comes from years of training and working with industry elite bringing that experience to you and the bike.

Your fit with us involves:

  • One on one interview process where we learn your goals and needs.

  • Physical assessment before you even get on the bike to assess your range of motion and flexibilty.

  • Setting up your shoes, determining the right style of shoe and cleat placement, optimizing pedal effeciency and minimizing pain.

  • Once that’s determined we’ll work on lower & upper body setups, through a series of incremental adjustments, in proper stem height, reach, handlebar shape and width, posture and finally power.

Our Fit Fee(s)

  • Road Fit: AED 800

  • Triathlon/TT Fit: AED 900

  • Cleat Fit: AED 450

  • Saddle Fit: AED 400

We also provide a copy of your detailed session and follow up to ensura all adjustments and your satisfaction is met.

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Sunday - Thursday 11-1, 2-4, 5-7 Friday & Saturday 12-2, 2-4