K-Force Road Brake

The all-new K-Force brakeset combines muscular power with truly fine control. Optimised for today’s wide rims, all excess has been trimmed from our most advanced, dual-pivot design yet. The sculpted, low-profile alloy arms have been upgraded to box-section.


SLK Road Brake

SL-K calipers are designed to accommodate the new generation of wider rims. The brake arms have an I-beam structure, keeping them stiff for optimum brake performance but at low weight. It is a dual pivot design, with the pivots equipped with thrust bearings for smooth operation.


K-Force Direct Mount Brake

FSA’s newest and most advanced dual pivot direct-mount design

Optimal power and modulation for modern wide-rims

Low-profile silhouette for superior aerodynamics

Designed for frame and crankarm clearance


Gossamer Road Brake

The Gossamer Pro brake design sees gain in both stiffness and wide-rim capacity. Its lightweight dual-pivot layout turns on quality thrust bearings while minimizing friction and boosting modulation. Stainless main pivot bolts provide ultimate strength while attachment hardware for boasts longevity.


Mountain Brakes


K-Force Mountain Brake

The K-Force Hydraulic Disc Brake is FSA’s feature rich entry into the hydraulic disc brake market for premium, race ready products. There are four important design elements for the K-Force Hydraulic Disc Brakes


K-Force Mountain Rotor

Engineered for cooling, noise-reduction, precision feedback, and competitive weight.


Afterburner Mountain Brake

The Afterburner Hydraulic Disc Brake is for FSA an unprecedented entry into the hydraulic disc brake market with premium, race ready products. Four important features of the Afterburner Front Hydraulic Disc Brake


Afterburner Mountain Brake

Utilizing more material than the K-Force rotor, the stainless steel Afterburner rotor stays cooler on long descents.